phase 2 assessment

Phase 2 Environmental Assessments

Based upon the results and conclusions of the Phase I Environmental Assessment a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment may be recommended to further investigate the environmental risk of the property. Phase 2 Environmental Assessment include physical testing to identify the hazard(s) and delineate the extent. This may include but is not limited to lead, mold, asbestos, soil, air, groundwater, and/or soil testing.

Phase 2 Environmental Assessments are an important instrument to fully certify the property as "clean" or indentify the contaminate and the cost for cleanup.

C2G Environmental Consultants Emergency Response phone line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the unfortunate event that you experience an emergency spill or release, just call us at 845-255-4900 or 631-414-7757.


Or you’ve finally decided to switch to gas as your source of heat? Whatever your reason, C2G Environmental will provide you with the most professional Oil Tank Services throughout the Hudson Valley & Long Island.


Full Oil Tank Abandonment & Replacement Installation Packages

Includes: cleaning and abandonment of any-size tank, installation of new aboveground 275 gallon oil tank (new gauge, vent, fill and alarm), tank abandonment certificate and bottom sludge disposal.



• Always a tough tank.
• Welded lap joint: the strongest one.
• Handles on each head for easy handling.
• 10 Year Warranty.

Price: $2,175.00


Phase 2 Assessment

• Weld-Free galvanized steel outer tank
• High density polyethylene inner tank
• Corrosion Resistant
• 30 Year Warranty.

Price: $2,845.00


Phase 2 Assessments

• Polyurethane Coating
• Leading edge corrosion protection.
• ECOGARD system, for increased protection.
• Sand color which helps to reduce condensation
• 20 Year Warranty.

Price: $2,870.00

Larger Tank Sizes are available please call for details.

Hudson Valley:
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